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That hurt. Like fall off the rower kind of hurt.

I’m not fully recovered from that exercise in enjoyable stupidity 81 mile long mountain peak bike ride on Saturday, but today’s WOD looked interesting.

2k Row or 100cal on Air Assault or 1 mile run
Tabata Air Squats
Tabata box jumps
1k Row or 50 cal on Air Assault or ½ mile run

There was a time scheme. 0-10 minutes for round 1, finish early you get to rest more, then 1 minute between the other rounds.

We didn’t have enough rowers, so I decided to run instead. There’s an argument at the gym about how far is a mile. Is it run to the street, two laps around the big block, then up the driveway to back to the box, or is it to the street, one lap around the big block, up the driveway to the box and back, one more lap around the big block, and up the driveway to the box.

I’ve mapped it on Gmaps pedometer, and it comes out to 0.985 miles without coming back up the driveway to the box in the middle, so I’m going with it.

Coach said, “don’t forget to come back up to the box after the first lap,” while I held my ears jokingly. A guy then offered to the coach, “don’t worry, I’ll remind him when we get back after the first lap.”


No, you won’t.

Legs are still a bit tired after Saturday’s epic ride, so I had to push it to hold a decent pace. Came in at 5:56. Meh, but I’ll take it.

had 8 minutes to rest, and I needed it.

Air squats – 15 the first round and decided that was suicide. Held 10/11 from there on out. Damn, that hurt!

Box jumps – 9 the first round then 7 on subsequent rounds. Did I mention they were 20″ box jumps? Loved that.

Then the last bit. I chose to row 1,000m. Started out OK, but clearly tired. Held 1:45 for a bit. Then faltered to 2:05. Did the bit where you rest after the pull but before you do the return. Then somebody got behind me.. “rest on the way back Ron. Don’t stop.”

So I picked it up. That hurt too. Do you always pick it up a bit when someone says your name? I can’t help but bump it up a notch.

Then he really started getting at me. “250 to go. Get on it. Pick it up. Go!” So I bumped it up to a 1:37/500m pace.

Then, “150 to go, put your head down and pull! I’ll watch the time” So I did.

Wound up with a 3:50 for 1,000m. Not glorious, but after a 5:56 mile, tabata box jumps and tabata air squats – I’ll take it.

Honestly couldn’t stand up after that. Had to roll off the rower and fall onto the floor.

Hero WOD – Jerry…

why is it that every time I take a week off and eat like crap the first WOD back is a Hero WOD?

Run 1 mile
Row 2,000m
Run 1 mile

oh yeah, our box is doing “Mainsite in May” so every WOD from May 2010 or 2011 or 20-pain is on tap.

Carpet upstairs in our house looks awesome. My back after moving furniture? Not so much. My diet after a week of poor choices? Really bad.

First run – legs felt like lead. Sub-8′ish which is pretty pathetic for the amount of effort I felt like I was putting in.

Row – over 2:00/500m the entire way. Down to 2:18/500m at points. Blech!

Clock read 16:44 as I headed out the door.

Second run – it’s always fun trying to run after getting off of a rower. It’s even more fun after rowing 2,000m. Came in for my ½ in 4:07.

Saw a couple of people behind me and decided not to let them catch me. Finished the 2nd ½ in 3:21 for a 7:38 second mile. Too bad I couldn’t hold a 6:42 mile for the whole thing.

Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Fun stuff – one of our pairs was working on the Team Deadlift/C2B WOD for regionals.
A: that’s a heavy deadlift with the unevenly loaded bar
B: synchronized Chest-to-Bars are going to be challenging in the heat of the moment

You can’t fake fitness…. (and I can fake a lot of stuff)

WOD tore me up today.

Row 1,0000m
rest 4 minutes
Row 500m
rest 2 minutes
Row 250m
rest 1 minute

Kicker – rows were “all out.” Because we have only 9 ergs the rest periods were less rigid than X minutes. Rest was “when your partner gets off the erg – you go!”

Able to get the first 1,000m in 3:31. Not stellar, but about the best I could do given current fitness level.

500m was 1:41 or so. Was really feeling my lack of endurance here. Quads just don’t have it. I could see the pain cave, but there was no way  I could afford the entrance fee to actually go inside.

250m – short, sweet. 0:48.

By now I was suffering from Fran cough, and my quads were weaker than a newborn baby’s. So much fitness lost.

Round 2? Hell, I just cruised the 1,000m. Held 2:10 just to get it over with. The 500m was a bit better but not worth writing home about. For the 250m I let it fly. Hit 0:46 for the 250m (1:32/500m pace).

That hurt. That really hurt.

Good reminder that I’m nowhere near where I need to be, but I’m not as bad as I thought.