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Pre-hip surgery back squat PR is 265#’s. Post hip surgery FRONT squat PR….

well, they match.


This means more to me than any other PR I’ve ever set. It’s been a long two years of surgery recovery followed by surgery recovery. Thought I could do OK today, but I really didn’t expect to PR my front squat by 40#’s let alone tie my back squat PR.

Just finished Smolov Jr. – used 200 as the max instead of 225 because I really didn’t know where I was at. Guess it worked…

C’mon 300# !!!!!

Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. Please don’t look at me….

Dropped into the gym today to finish off my last day of Smolov Jr. front squat cycle. yeah me!!! My plan is to test 1RM on Monday to see what my post surgery PR really is.

Box was way crowded. One of the other locations had a Level 1 going on, so a bunch of folks headed our way. Not only was the class huge, but all of the squat racks were full. No worries. Something would open up as I did my warmup. One rack was open – the next to last rack. I’ll take it.

Started my squats. Noticed that the woman next to me was a regional athlete (Colleen Fotsch ?) moving some serious weight. great…..

Got through a couple of sets feeling pretty good. Then everyone finished their sets and disappeared. Nice. Quiet time in the oly area. Nope…. Of course the Team had to show up. Now it’s just me surrounded by Team NorCal. Seriously? I’m pushing 195, and they are warming up with 225… Just don’t look my way OK?

I know, we all work at our capacity. Not to mention, my capacity is severely limited, but c’mon! I don’t want to look that bad in comparison. Couple more sets. Nothing. It’s almost like they have their own stuff to do, and are less insecure than I am.

Then a tap on the shoulder. “Hey man. You look good at the bottom, but you need a much wider grip. You’re kind of compacting in on yourself. Set your hands wider on the bar.”

“ummmmm, thanks Jason.”

I appreciate the advice. Really I do, but I also like to be the mouse in the corner who is not noticed and especially not noticed for doing the wrong thing.

Point taken. I widened my hands, felt a lot better, and finished off my last couple of sets.

Mom’s 80th birthday dinner tonight. After driving 4 hours and squatting this morning I’m taking a rest day tomorrow.

Here’s what matters. I finished a squat cycle. Now it’s time to see what the hell I can lift.

Oh yeah, it also matters that my mother turned 80… That’s amazing. My father barely made it past 50.

Good, hard, CrossFit

Simple WOD today

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.30.58 PM

KB swings, box jumps, and pushups. Low reps but FAST.

After a bunch of front squatting it felt freakin’ awesome to suck it up and just GO!

Goal was 6 rounds per 3 minutes. I have no idea what I did. It was less than 6 rounds for sure, but there were no breaks. Just constant movement. Rx was 2 pood, but I went 28KG instead. It was a good choice.

Best? Dude next to me, 20 years younger who couldn’t hang.

OK, I have no idea if he was trying to hang, but I was trying to go faster than him, and I did. He was using 24 Kg kettlebell, was slower on the box jumps, AND was not legit on the pushups. Did I say 20 years younger?

Oh hell yeah!

And the WOD I chose today was….

none of the above.

Jackie, Fran, Helen….. all of the girls were available. However, last week I didn’t squat on Monday which meant I had to squat Tue/Wed/Thur/Friday, and that hurt. Way too much back to back squatting on consecutive days, and I was not about to do that again this week.

With very little time today and having overslept and missed the 6am slot I bolted out during lunch for 6×6 front squats @ 82%. It was quick. it wasn’t easy. I was done.

Talked with a woman from England who was dropping in and squatting much more than I was. That would have hurt my pride, but she wants to move to California (doesn’t everyone?) and I…..already live here.

I win.

Still need to get stronger. Much stronger.

Back Squats… and thoughts on 15.3

First off – 15.3.

Oh hell yeah! 15.3 is PERFECT!!!! I don’t even have muscle ups, I think that 15.3 is fan-fucking-tastic.

It’s CrossFit. Be challenged. Gonna bust my ass tomorrow to get at least 1 rep. Got to within 0.0005 mm today of getting through the transition. Tomorrow it WILL happen.

so many people in the Master’s community are bitching their asses off. They wouldn’t be complaining if this was a wheelhouse WOD. Live with it! Those who have muscle ups will shoot up the Leaderboard.

OK – squats. Simple rep scheme today – 5-5-3-3-1-1. No way in hell am I going to go for my 1 rep max, so I wasn’t even worried about the 1′s. Took it slow. Have only squatted 75#’s since September 8th (which is when I set my current PR, 4 days before surgery….)

bare bar – OK.
95# – felt it on my back but OK. easy 5 reps
125# – very small jumps here. Want to really feel my hip. 5 reps
145# – (because I’m lazy and added 10s instead of switching t 45′s) – no problem with a set of 5
155# – again, I could feel it. Definitly weak, but got a set of 5

by now I was doing 2 things – I was really feeling my weakness which was no surprise and I was wondering, “hmmmmmm, how far should I go with this?” It was “damn, I want to really do this” coupled with a heavy dose of “take it easy, don’t go nuts.”

165# – again – set of 5, slow and controlled.
185# – just added dimes, so jump was 20#, too lazy to walk over and grab 5# plates, but it didn’t feel too bad. Did a set of 3

Figured I could push it a little bit. My hip was feeling tight though.

205# – over bodyweight (190# on the scale this morning), more than a little worried about how this would feel.

1 rep up and down, then re-racked the bar, coach right next to me. 1 seriously easy rep. Coach asked, “why did you only do 1 rep, that was really easy for you?”

rested, got under it again and did 2 reps.

Felt good. Felt really good. Felt weak as hell too, but it felt GOOD!!! 2 reps at 205# – first time squatting with real weight since before hip surgery. So darn stoked.

Had some pull-up thing to do after back squats, but I flailed at muscle-ups instead. Must….get…..1…..tomorrow.

4 Months to the day – hip surgery





September 12th, 2014, 4 months ago today, I had my hip ‘scoped. Doc cut off a lot of bone that was impinging, snipped out part of my labrum, and pulled over 50 free floating pieces of cartilage out of my hip.

On March 15th I should be able to workout with weights again. The 75 power cleans I did on Thursday and the 50 push presses I did yesterday don’t count… 😉





Yes Virginia, it IS called a "squat clean"

Are kipping pull-ups legitimate?

Is high rep Olympic weightlifting bad for you?

Does it mark you as an idiot to use the term “squat clean?”

OK folks, I can only do so much. Today I’ll take on question #3. Oly lifters will say “there is no such thing as a “squat clean.” It’s a clean. You either squat or you don’t.”

Fine. That’s great for people who focus, and excel at, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. CrossFitters don’t focus only on those two incredibly important lifts. We do a lot more. We LIKE to do a lot more.

Because of that our lingo varies from the Olympic Lifting crowd. In some CrossFit workouts there is a specific focus on doing the full squat in a clean. Maybe the weight is only 95#’s which just about any male can readily muscle clean (i.e. no dip at all when receiving the bar). But try to do that 15 times a round for 5 rounds when hitting a full squat and things change. Shit gets a lot harder.

That’s the point. The WOD standard is about what effort you need to put out. Doing Power cleans instead of fully squatting changes the effort. That’s why it’s a “squat clean.” And that’s why it is appropriate to use the term “squat clean.”