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I didn’t get hip surgery so I could sit on my ass.

Major down day for non-fitness reasons. Writing up a conversation from a while back to lighten the mood. Well, lighten my mood….and it’s my blog… 😉

Office conversation not that long ago

Colleague: “Did you have your hip replaced?”
Me: “No. Arthroscopic surgery. Had some bone shaved off and they pulled out a bunch of floating cartilage.”
C: “So you’ll recover sooner than with hip surgery?”
Me: “I actually think a new hip would be faster, but it would also be metal in my body and all that. This long recovery kinda stinks really.”
C: “Well at least you don’t have to go back to all that squatting stuff again.”
M: “Are you kidding? I can’t wait to squat again.”

Ummmmmm, what? I never “had” to squat in the first place. I love squatting, and cleaning, and thrustering…. OK, I hate all of them too, but I love them in a weird, twisted way. The love far outweighs the hate since the hate is only in the heat of the moment.

I had back surgery in 2004. My goal was to get healthy again and get back to the things that I loved to do. It worked. I had shoulder surgery in 2013. Yep, my goal was to get back to the things that I loved to do. Yep, it worked.

Surgery is a last resort, but it’s a pathway getting back to being healthy. If it’s necessary, and the outcomes are favorable, then you do it. Then you hurt like hell and do months of physical therapy. We don’t do this to then change our lives or become sedentary. We do it to fix what’s wrong and get back at it!

Just seemed so weird to me that my colleague would think I’d go through this 12 month recover process only to be 1/2 the person I used to be.

No. The goal is to be BETTER than before.

I’m usually pretty welcoming and embrace input at the box, but…

Really crappy day. Granted, I phoned it in on a project, so it’s my fault that I got called on it. That, however, was just the capper on a day of complete messiness…. That coupled with my hip aching and being chastised for going too hard had me a bit annoyed.

Strength was 5 sets of 6 reps of front squats. It was programmed as 65% of max, but I am nowhere near doing that yet. Racking dime plates on a bar for a grand total of 65#’s just digs at my ego. I know. Shut up and do what you can. I get it. I also hate it. Maybe you hate recovery too. Because, quite frankly, recovery sucks. You just want to “do more” even though you know that you really need to “do less” and focus wholeheartedly on form.

One of the challenges of front squatting 65#’s (as a 200 pound man) is that it looks a lot like I’m a stone cold newbie. Can you get this is all about my ego? Yes, it’s about my ego.

Coach recommended a fingertip hold on the bar. I mean, it’s front squats off the rack after all. Dude across from me was struggling with 95#’s. Not that I’m better than he is. Well….

About to get under the bar for a set I gave the bar that pre-squat full grip. You know, when you have a heavy lift, fixate on the bar for a second, and roll your hand completely around it in slow motion? Sure, you take your hand off right away, but it feels good to grab solid steel. Dude yells at me. Not the coach, the dude front squatting 95#’s, “Hey! Hey! Stop! Didn’t you hear? Coach said like this (showing me fingertip hold on the bar). That’s what coach said to do.”

OK bud. You have been here a month or two. Literally everyone who has walked by has stopped to say hi to me and ask me how my recovery is going. Isn’t it totally fucking clear that I might have a little, tiny, minuscule bit of experience and time in this box? And in the middle of my lift? Does that even make sense?

I’m sure he was being nice. I’m sure I was just being an asshole. For the record I just said, “OK man.” But I wanted to say so much more.

I think I’ll write a long-winded, self-centered, rant instead and get it all off my chest. Oh hey! Guess what this is??? 😉