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Front squat Monday, front squat Tuesday, and on Wednesday…

dropped in at CrossFit Max Effort in Vegas. Wow, they seriously upgraded from their old location. Coworker tried to give me shit, “You are going to spend $15 on a cab ride there, $20 to workout, and $15 more to cab it back?”

“and you are going to drop $500 at the tables…..”

hit the 6am WOD. Woke up at 5am and checked the website… FRONT SQUATS!!!

No, please God, just no!

My legs were so stiff from squatting 2 days and then standing on a show floor yesterday, but I sucked it up. Strength was 5 sets of 5 front squats on the 3 minutes. Kept it super light, just enough to work the muscles loose a bit.

WOD, 5 rounds
10 Chest-to-bar Pullups
10 burpees
10 front squats from the floor (155# Rx, I did 95 and 5 reps)
rest 1 minute between rounds

took 20 minutes. That was a LOT of work. Felt so good after walking around the strip and having dinner in …. fuckin’ Hooters casino last night. Coworker loves the place. I’m shocked that it’s still open.