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[rant] Please, just shut up about her body.

Really feeling the need to blast this one out there. Maybe I never realized it. Maybe I’m just as guilty, but guys really need to shut up about women’s bodies.

Hanging with a crew of 30+ guys in a sunny beachside town this week. Don’t get me wrong, I am a straight guy who loves women. I will check out a woman on the street. If she is wearing something a little short or revealing I will look twice. If she is wearing a bikini I will probably stare. That’s not saying I’m bad, good or indifferent. Just saying I get it. We are visual creatures.

Here’s the deal though – guys really need to shut the fuck up when they decide they are entitled to pass judgment on a woman’s body. Look. Judge. Whatever, but don’t tell the world your opinion.

Hanging out on the patio during a break. BS’ing about this and that. A crew of young ladies wearing shorts walks to the end of the patio to check out the view. Yes, I looked, and then I looked back at the ocean. Trust me, youth has its own beauty. One of our crew standing a bit away with a different group starts evaluating each girls ass. I’m fairly certain that a 19 year-old wants nothing more in life than to be evaluated by a bunch of gray haired businessmen, or any man for that matter.

If I could hear it. They could hear it. They definitely walked away.

Then same guy said,”well they sure walked away quickly.”

I wonder why.

I don’t really wonder why at all.

Never buy a woman a pair of pants!

Discussion on another forum about a gift of a pair of pants. Discussion was about sizing but it deviated quickly. Some calling out loudly, “NEVER BUY A WOMAN PANTS. THAT’S NOT A REASONABLE GIFT!!!” and “Jewelry is a gift. Pants are clothing!”

Ok. First off. Shut the fuck up!

Clearly one should never buy YOU a pair of pants as a gift, but this dude ain’t married to you. He’s married to a woman he has known for 30-some years. Yeah. 30. Older than the damned Internet itself. He probably has a decent idea of what his wife likes for a gift by now.

Maybe she doesn’t like pants for a gift. That’s cool. I’ve met her, and I know she doesn’t like jewelry. While you like it not all “women” do. Deal with it and quit giving advice on a subject you clearly know nothing about.


What I know and What I don’t know… about women

I have received several anonymous messages (from the same person maybe?) asking me questions about why women think things, do things, etc. I replied to one the other day thinking it would be clear that I know nothing. Then I got another message mentioning that I have a large % of female followers so I must have some insight.

Yup. It turns out that a large percentage of my followers are female. I don’t know why. I can’t even fathom why or begin to offer an explanation.

Truth be told, when it comes to some things I can clearly explain why women do them. Breathing, for example, is one of those things. I know why women breathe. I know why all humans breathe. I also know why they blink, eat, etc.

When it comes to behaviors I have two thoughts. First thought – I have no idea what motivates other people. Second thought – it’s insane to try to take what we may know about one person in a group and extrapolate that across huge, huge, over 50% of the population sized group.

I don’t know why women post their feelings about sex. I don’t know why women post their intimate thoughts. I don’t know why women post pictures of themselves. I don’t know because….I am not them.

I have been married for 19 years, and I still don’t know completely what motivates my wife. We have the most intimate relationship that I can possibly imagine, and if I can’t answer for her how the hell can I answer for a 20 year old college student whom I have never (and will never) meet?

So I’ll end this rant here. Just sayin’ that I really appreciate interacting with all kinds of people, but that doesn’t mean I can offer insight into their mindset.