Warning! Jumping will show your abs. 

Sleep, it’s what’s for dinner. OK, that’s not the beef industry wants you
to say (and I really like beef). But this food challenge thing is creating
a few changes that I did not expect. Needing to sleep, wanting to sleep,
really feeling tired early is one of those changes.

With this Food Challenge, one of the point kickers is a daily adder for 8+
hours of sleep. Normally I don’t even feel tired until 11pm or 12am. During
this food challenge I am really feeling tired by 9:00pm and exhausted by
10:00pm. I’m still not able to completely fall asleep at this point.
Breaking into the sleep zone has always been a problem for me, so Ambien is
still a friend. However I roll up to bed much earlier and consequently get
to sleep much earlier. Sure, I’m working out a lot too, but it’s not just
physical exertion. It’s more about my body knowing it needs the rest. Maybe
it’s having better food in my system allows my body to work better. Who
would have thought that was possible?

Getting 8 hours is still a big challenge because I have to get up early,
but a more regular 6 or 7 hours is much, much better than my usual 4 or 5
hours of sleep. I’m happy. It’s progress.

So, I went out to lunch with some coworkers today. We were aiming for a nice fish taco joint, but it was packed beyond belief. As we were limited on time we strolled across the parking lot to a Famous Dave’s BBQ joint. Having been to one before I was not quite clear what the “Famous” part was or who “Dave” is. The food is OK at best. Seeing others tank up on ribs slathered in sauce, chips and overly sweetened baked beans, I was very happy to stick with a simple hamburger sans bun. Granted it had cheese and bacon (yummmm – bacon!), and I accompanied it with some simple steamed broccoli.

I’m not a food saint, but for the first time ever I left a BBQ joint without suffering the effects of a food coma. Are there better food choices out there? Sure there are, but we often find ourselves in situations where the group has a plan. Usually that plan doesn’t include something that fits nicely in a Primal/Paleo/whatever-you-call-it better diet. Just a little creativity can make a challenging meal into an OK meal, and I’m OK with that.

Oh, so this is full extension and driving with the hips.

This is more like it. 10 pound kettlebells in the hotel “fitness center” just don’t cut it.

Being on the Road

The worst part of being on the road is looking at the day’s WOD and
thinking, “I would so love to get in on that!”

– Ron

Checking the email posting thing

Nothing to see here. Just move along ma’am.

Hotel living

No car, big challenge to make it to a box this morning. Made the choice to sleep a bit longer and enjoy the quiet. Since it’s only the 2nd day I’ve had off in January I’m surprisingly OK with this decision. This evening I will feel differently…..

Starting off

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