What is "Rx"

Simply stated, “Rx” is your prescription. When a doctor tells you to take medication they also tell you how much and how often to take it.

In CrossFit the term “Rx” is used to describe the recommended weight and # of repetitions for the Workout of the Day (WOD). For the workout Fran the Rx weight is 95#’s. If you cannot do a 95# thruster you can use a lower weight. In CrossFit you work at YOUR level. That said, for many people it is a goal to get to the Rx weight.

i.e. Getting to Rx

2 thoughts on “What is "Rx"

  1. Michelle

    Hi, is there are chart that shows the RX weights for different lifts for masters? Not necessarily for Open competition but just day to day WODs

  2. Getting to Rx

    The scaling in the Open workouts is the only guide that I know of. Weights for Masters decrease starting in the 55-59 age group. The youngsters and Masters in 40-54 age ranges use 95# (M) and 65# (F) for 16.5 while those over 55 use 65# (M) and 45# (F) or approx 70% of the heavier weight. For Open workout 16.4, the deadlift weight for those over 55 was 80% of the heavier weight.


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